3G baseband tool, Sunday is funday!

Sunday is funday. Its always good to start the day off good! Dev team made a 3G baseband tool getting one step closer!

Watch the full video at Blog.iphone-dev Baseband video


Pwnplayer and Mewseek hit cydia hard!

That’s right, Mewseek the new Slslk ( or something along the lines ) and Pwnplayer has hit cydia. Not only that, but they hit it good!

Mewseek- Huge ( when i say huge i mean it ) music sharing community. Thousands and Thousands of songs. Mewseek isnt complete. Now you can only listen to the songs you downloaded over Pwnplayer.

So what Pwnplayer? Pwnplayer is the ipod.app times three. I now use pwnplayer my music application. Pwnplayer gives everything the ipod.app does, including -File System, Search, Make quick play lists, and listing your music by Artists, Songs, or Albums.



Pictures of Pwnplayer:


LogoMe Boot Logos

A good place for boot logos
Original Boot Logo

use Snurl to shorten the lenght of web urls

Free Apps

Polar Bear Farm Ltd is allowing all of their apps to be downloaded for free from the App Store due to the companies first Birthday. Which means you can get Duck Shoot, Record, Telegram and Note Pad for free. Duck Shoot was previously $0.99, Record was previously $1.99, Telegram was previously $5.99 and Note Pad was previously $2.99.

Duck Shoot



Note Pad

Whats wrong with the IPhone?

What is wrong with the Iphone? Copy and paste? Landscape Keyboard? Make sure your voice is heard Networking company Fullsix has launched a website that lets you add a wish for something you’d like to see changed about the Iphone, or just vote for other peoples problems.

Currently the top five feature changes/requests are:

Copy and Paste
a preference to disable the auto loading of images in Mail (auto loading images adds to the amount of spam you’re likely to get)
Flash support in Safari
wireless syncing with iTunes
ability to tilt iPhone while reading emails

Anyone want to add? go to PleaseFixTheiPhone.com.

Google Street View Is Coming

 Well it is confirmed via seeded iPhone 2.2 Firmware Beta 2 by Apple last night It may not be the best change, but a good change it is.

I Took Off Installer * Gasp *



I dont think im the only one that would say installer isnt anything like it used to be. Installer used to be *the* app to use to get 3rd party applications. I think everyone agree’s with me that Installer is garbage right now, the only application i saw worth looking at was Kate. To bad Kate doesnt work well with Winterboard. Just about everything in Installer 4 you can now get in cydia. Cydia runs more smoothly, and installer crashes every one-forth of the time. Now dont get me wrong, The Dev Team is great. I think the Dev Team put out installer alittle late. By the time the Dev team had released installer Cydia was already rocket high.

I deleted this application becuase it SLOWED down my iphone. Trust me, take this off your iphone and open Apps, you’ll notice some things for example … The apps wont crash. What a big suprise.