Google earth is amazing

I read a few posts on various websites about google earth. They said its amazing, I can see my house from here! Well it really is that amazing. The thing i love about it is you can go anywhere is the world. i finally got to see a city in Taiwan where a few exchanged students lived. The best part is ….. Its free, and the top free application out there. Goggle really outdone there selves with the app.


FieldRunner brings a fun game to the iphone!

Subatomic Studios has released Fieldrunners [App Store], a $4.99 iPhone version of the Tower Defense strategy game.

For those who aren’t familiar, Tower Defense is a genre of strategy game in which your goal is to stop the enemies from crossing the map by building up your tower defenses:

Enemies and towers usually have varied abilities and costs. When an enemy is defeated the player earns money or points, which are used to buy or upgrade towers.

The choice and positioning of the towers is the essential strategy of the game

This version of the game gives you a blank field in which you must create your own maze by purchasing the available defense towers. There are 4 different types of towers and each can be upgraded multiple times.

  • Gatling Tower – short range, cheap
  • Goo Tower – slows enemy down
  • Missile Tower – long range, good against air units
  • Lightning Tower – powerful, expensive

While there exist other Tower Defense games in the App Store (Mote-M, iDefend Lite), none carry this level of graphics quality and overall polish. This game has already received rave reviews from readers in our forum.

The game offers 3 different levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard) and uses the iPhone’s touch screen quite well. You are able to pan across the field and even multi-touch pinch to zoom in and out. Each session offers a good amount of play and can easily last over 30 minutes. In light of this, it’s good to know that the game can be easily paused and resumed at any time.

Despite the general enthusiasm for the title, there are a few negatives. There is currently only one field so gameplay may get a bit repetitive. And there are no sound effects or music presently available.

The developer, however, is promising that there are a number of improvements planned that will address these shortcomings:

  • New Maps
  • Sound and Music
  • New towers
  • New fieldrunners

Fans of the Tower Defense genre will almost certainly enjoy this surprisingly well polished version of the game. Other, however, may want to wait until the promised upgrades (especially sound) arrive before making the plunge. With those features in place, I could see this game being very highly recommended.



iPhone FPS ‘Zombie Mansion’ Coming in November

Sean Cross of Source IT Software wrote in to let us know that he is developing an accelerometer-controlled first person shooter for the iPhone called Zombie Mansion.

The game is, unsurprisingly, set in a zombie-filled mansion and the simple objective is to escape, killing anybody who gets in the way.

Zombie Mansion will be available for download through the App Store in November. We will bring more details on this title as they surface.

Zombie Mansion is also available on the Windows Mobile platform.

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Blue Skies and 5th Grader on Sale. Space Monkey and Amnesia Free.

As the number of iPhone apps games increase, sales are a common way to boost sales and get more attention. Here are a few notable sales from the past 24 hours.

Amnesia ($0.99 -> Free) – A basic Simon game that normally sells for $0.99. It’s dropped to Free for one week. It’s a simple memory game, but there is no high score so play it for your own self satisfaction.

Space Monkey ($1.99 -> Free) – a well reviewed iPhone game in which you control a space monkey who is grabbing objects and dodging space junk. This game normally costs $1.99, but is free for a limited time. Grab it while you can.

Blue Skies ($5.99 -> $1.99) – a great 2d scrolling shooter that we reviewed. The game is popular amongst our readers and is on sale for $1.99 (normally $5.99) this weekend.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? ($7.99 -> $1.99) – this television game-show inspired game has seen a big drop from $7.99 to $1.99 for a limited time.

Take advantage of them while you can. In the meanwhile, we’ve updated our newest iPhone games list to also reflect recent price drops.

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Cracked apps!

sorry i have not been updating them today, Im trying to move up to a .com in the next couple of days… I will still update to the latest news and everything. I may not be uploading cracked apps 27/7 i guess thats what im trying to say.

Papa Jump Plus is here

From sunflat


The $0.99 deluxe version of PapiJump offers multiple levels, a variety of background colors, and local high score ranking features. The different levels include:

  • NORMAL: Same as the free version of PapiJump
  • HARD: Hard from the beginning
  • FALL: The platforms fall when Mr.Papi jumps on them
  • TOUCH: Touch the screen to control Mr.Papi
  • RIGHT: Mr.Papi is going towards the right
  • MOVE: Platforms are moving
  • DOWN: Mr.Papi is getting down platforms
  • ENEMY: Mr.Papi is chased by enemies. Shoot them wirh a fireballThe original PapiJump is a strangely addictive game that we previously looked at. As a free download, it’s a game everyone should try. This deluxe version offers fans of the game more variety for only a small additional price.
  • Once again, a crack will be out soon!

    Appstore update! Now the rating actally count!

    Picture 1.jpg


    Need I say more? Ok – I will. YAY! No more Bullshit reviews that are nothing more than – “this apps sucks – it should be free because I don’t think you should charge me for anything. Everything should be free” OR “You want me to spend a dollar on THIS?!”

    Unfortunately, now we won’t get to see as many gems like this one:

    Picture 2.png

    Maybe now the star ratings will actually mean something?!

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    This has been confirmed by me, iphonesurjan! The bad news is that all the currect reviews are still in effect. That being said nothings going to be changed for alittle while in terms of ratings.