I Took Off Installer * Gasp *



I dont think im the only one that would say installer isnt anything like it used to be. Installer used to be *the* app to use to get 3rd party applications. I think everyone agree’s with me that Installer is garbage right now, the only application i saw worth looking at was Kate. To bad Kate doesnt work well with Winterboard. Just about everything in Installer 4 you can now get in cydia. Cydia runs more smoothly, and installer crashes every one-forth of the time. Now dont get me wrong, The Dev Team is great. I think the Dev Team put out installer alittle late. By the time the Dev team had released installer Cydia was already rocket high.

I deleted this application becuase it SLOWED down my iphone. Trust me, take this off your iphone and open Apps, you’ll notice some things for example … The apps wont crash. What a big suprise.


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