TouchType (Landscape Email)


 This application enables users to compose and reply to email messages using Apple’s wider landscape mode keyboard. Once typed, messages can be sent to the iPhone’s Mobile Mail application for dispatch.
SMS and Notes support is planned in a future release of TouchType, but currently it is not possible for a third party developer to copy text into the SMS or Notes applications.

The next version of TouchType, pending approval by Apple, will include the following new features:

1) the ability to save snippets of text for reuse in subsequent email messages, including multiple signature lines for use with different email accounts.

2) full support for all non-English characters and Japanese.

3) Super secret upgrade that will knock your socks off. Too secret to talk about before it launches, but you are going to like it.

This update will be free to existing TouchType users.

Private-I: If you like TouchType, check out Private-I. Private-I helps you recover your lost or stolen iPhone using GPS.
Beta Testing Opportunities: If you are interested in beta testing my next app, please send an email to and let me know which country you are in.



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  1. yeah and if you just want to grab a free app that does the job then check out firemail!

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