Most of you know who Haklab is. If not, I’m not talking about Haklabs, one of the first iPhone cracking sites — I’m talking about Haklab (without the S), a guy who bought that domain simply to try to steal traffic form Haklabs’ popularity. His site started out as an iPhone hacking blog, but when that failed he switched to a pathetic cat and mouse game of trying to get cracking sites shut down.

Recently, Haklab posted a poll on his site asking if he should shut the site down. If you stop and use your head, you know exactly how the results are going to turn out, because it’s only iPhone crackers that bother going to his blog. Of course most of the votes are going to tell him to shut it down. And you know equally well that he’ll never shut the site down as long as the ego trip he gets from being “popular” is still going on.

Today, Haklab made a post saying he’ll shut down the site as soon as he gets 500 votes for the “Worst Blog Ever” award on some random rating website. Folks, I’m asking you to set aside your rage and your kneejerk reaction to actually do this, and consider it logically. If he rises to the top of that poll, it’s going to drive exponentially more traffic to his site. He’s never going to shut his site down even if it gets there, because he’ll have even more popularity to enjoy. By voting for his site as the worst blog ever, you’re actually helping Haklab. Use some sense. Just don’t do it.

In fact, if you really want to hurt Haklab, stop going to his site as of now. If you’ve ever posted a link to his site on a blog or forum, remove it so that his page drops from the google rankings. After all, it’s fairly obvious google rankings are all he really cares about — he’s said it himself, he’s changed the name of his blog to Haklabs to show up in more searches, and he made categories on his blog with the same name as all the major iPhone sites to show up in those searches too. The best way to make him disappear is to make him forgotten.

If you’ve never heard of Haklab, awesome. Check out the forum, read some threads, hit up the other cracking sites to see what’s new, and forget this post even existed. If you do know what I’m talking about, please take a second and think about what makes this guy tick. He gets off on the popularity. So don’t post links, don’t tell your friends about his site, and most certainly don’t try to vote for him on some website even if it’s negative, because ANYTHING you do just increases his popularity. End his site by doing absolutely nothing.



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