DoubleTap Rebirth

A awesome new App is coming.

Got an iPhone or iPod touch? Bored of the boring iPod controls that pop up when you double tap the Home button? Try a whole new experience – Double tap the Home button at any time, and the status bar extends, giving you quick access to your favorite Apps, your most recent SMS messages and calendar events, sleeker iPod controls, and a place to jot down notes.
DoubleTap Rebirth is mobilesubstrate based, so it is always there when you ened it, and it was inspired by Google Android. One more thing: it’s totally customizable

please visit to learn more!


Alittle off topic: Sign up here for your free Premium Megaupload account. ( dont laugh at me it works 😛 )


3 Responses

  1. Yeah right!
    Everybody who clicks on the link gives you a refferal. what a let down

  2. yeah im with ya mate]

  3. Hm? not exactly.. you gotta sign up ^_^

    Anyway dont get all mad about it im not making you do anything =)

    And if i was i would do it more orderly.

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