Apple’s Doesnt Care?

Late last night I noticed that quite a few applications with similar features had appeared on the App Store. These applications (“Wide Email”, “Sideways”, “TouchType”, and “Compose”) all do the same thing—allow landscape email composition. And while this is a feature that quite a few users would like, these apps didn’t sound interesting enough to mention here. However, Arn Kim seems to think that this could indicate that Apple has reconsidered some of its App Store rejection policies and I think he may be right.

Since the App Store’s launch, we’ve seen quite a few applications rejected or removed due to limited features or for duplicating features already present in Apple software. However, the approval of these four applications may indicate that Apple has decided to be more lenient with applications that seem to have limited abilities or that don’t “provide sufficient differentiation”.

Kim points out that “Wide Email” was submitted on August 25th, six weeks before it was finally approved. MailWrangler, an application that was rejected because it duplicated features in Mail, was in the approval queue for a similar period of time.

If Apple has changed its mind regarding this category of apps, it’s hard to say whether or not we’ll see apps like MailWrangler approved for sale in the App Store. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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