Ipodtouched, Dont Go.

Yesterday haklab.com claimed to have taken down ipodtouched but he soon got his website back after taken down all of his cracked applications, and hotlinking from touchpodium. Touchpodium.com is why ipodtouched site is down, and im really mad. I could care less if somone took a picture i made a put it as there sig, or post it on there website. Touchpodium are the people who brought haklabs to ipodtouched.net.
This being said Haklab.com is may actally take down some very nice sites ( appulo.us, pr0x, themobileapps, ect. )

Hackers are going to get mad. Forget out the website and hack his computer 😉


You know whats funny? All haklab is doing is crying to wordpress, or whatever hosting account is and telling them to take the website down. Thats not justice that just whinning.

This is the picture they took, and remember most websites ( iphonealley, Iphonedownload, Anotheriphoneblog, ect) took the picture to. So im going to post it on my page, Comon take me down.


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