‘Obama for America’ App Available Through App Store

Raven Zachary of CNet helped launch an iPhone app for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as of late.

From within the app, it looks as if you are able to “Call Friends”, “Get Involved”, “Receive Updates”, view “News”, check “Local Events”, see “Media”, and view latest “Issues” revolving around Obama’s campaign. Also, at the bottom of the app, it lightly tells you how many days there are to pass before Election Day, which, by the way, is only slightly longer than a months time.

The “Get Involved” link makes use of the iPhone’s GPS-based location finder and locates the nearest Obama campaign headquarters. The “Local Events” link also uses the location finder to pull up a list of activities sorted by proximity.

The “Media” section provides you with videos and photos of Obama-related events, and the “News” section reports the latest news on the Obama campaign entirely.

There is also a green “Donate” button located at the bottom left of the app, which I’m sure will be used often enough through the number of downloads this app receives, simply because of its broad range of news castings. I’ve got to say, this has got to be the app that’s received the most attention since the birth of the App Store.

(via iPhone Atlas)

Who are you guys voting for?


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