Hackulo’s sorce is back up!

Hackulos sorce to install .IPA files without a computer is back up!

You can now add cydia.hackulo.us to your cydia repo.

1)install using cydia these 3 packages
   1) Erica Utilities ,
   2) Safari Download Plug-
   3) UUID Generator

Install appshare

Install installous


i found somthing better. Unlike installous from hackulo this method is brand new and can add them all with just a click of the finger…. and 5 minutes of waiting depending on how many apps u installed…. But still.. Trust me its better and little more smoother.

0. It doesnt matter if you have appshare and installous installed.


1)install using cydia these 3 packages
   1) Erica Utilities ,
   2) Safari Download Plug-in OR installous + appshare ( Use appshare + installous )
   3) UUID Generator

– add the source to cydia http://Crαcкedappstore.nsk.ru/repo/

– once installed go to sources and install IPAInstaller

– head to any cracked app site and download it. It will get downloaded to a Download folder ( use appshare for this )

– once the app has downloaded go to the IPAInstaller (on your springboard) and press Install IPA’s

– and like magic you will see the app that you installed

on a seperate note – you will need the mobileinstallation. Make sure that you use the proper one for the correct firmware (as I have learned) if you use mobileinstallation 2.0 on firmware 2.1 it will freeze your iphone. Just run QuickPwn and it will fix the freezing but you will still need to copy the correct mobileinstallation to your iphone

I’m intrested in wether you like installous+appshare or the new IPA downloader, as somtimes i have trouble with installous.

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12 Responses

  1. can u give us some sites with cracked apps?

  2. Well mine for one =P.

    Theres appulo.us, but all they do it take the links from people like me =(

    Most sites are closing down becuase of apple…. Appulo will fall soon…

  3. Guys this is stealing….. And i love it lol

  4. If you like the game buy it ^^

  5. I don’t think its working anymore =(

  6. Witch, Hackulo’s repo or the other one?

  7. 10 hours ago, hackulo wouldn’t work, and I couldn’t install IPAinstaller for some reason, but now crackedappstore.nsk.ru/repo won’t work at all, but hackulo works 😀

  8. i can’t open appshare:(

  9. What happends? does it crash? You dont need appshare. Download games off safari, then run either IPAdownloader or Installous

  10. How do I type in the -http://Crαcкedappstore.nsk.ru/repo/
    since I can’t find the alpha key (α) in the itouch.

  11. I can’t find hackulos on cydia

  12. help cydia download 8.1.3

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