App Piracy Website Shut Down

With the appearance of official apps for the iPhone and iPod touch also came the appearance of official app cracking and piracy. Several websites have popped up since then for distributing these apps, but most have managed to stay under Apple’s radar, at least until recently.

Details aren’t available on if it was Apple’s doing or not, but at least one app piracy website, Appstorecracked, is believed to have been targeted and removed. If Apple or an app company did have something to do with it’s removal then this would be the first time we know of that they would have done so, but we don’t have any conformation that this was the case.

App piracy is generally problematic as it hurts sales for developers of paid apps in the App Store, though the breadth of the situation is unknown.

ZiBri expressed his disdain for app cracking and illegal distribution, and claimed that it almost caused him to quit creating jailbreak software.

[via ModMyi]

Update: also has been shut down for weeks now.


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