Offical Flash player

Adobe has stated in the past that they intended to port Flash over to the iPhone, but Apple has continued to stand in their way, and for a while we had thought they had given up. As it turns out, they didn’t, and have now revealed that Flash for the iPhone is nearly ready and waiting for Apple to give the ‘OK’.

At Flash On The Beach (FOTB), a conference in Brighton, UK, Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems Paul Betlam confirmed that Adobe is currently developing a Flash Player for the iPhone, according to Flash Magazine. The information came as a response to a direct question from an audience member. He says that the player will likely be available in a short time if Apple lets them do it, but right now it’s up to them given the fact that the iPhone is a closed development platform.

For those of you keeping track, this is the first time that we’ve actually had confirmation that a Flash player for the iPhone is currently in existence within Adobe.

Thanks for the tip, TheBORG!

There is a way to get flashplayer on a 2.1 device. I might make a video of it soon….


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