Cracked apps!

sorry i have not been updating them today, Im trying to move up to a .com in the next couple of days… I will still update to the latest news and everything. I may not be uploading cracked apps 27/7 i guess thats what im trying to say.


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  1. anything changed on the apps the last couple i got like kroll and funky punch will not work.ive got about 50 total so i know all about the 775 and everything.also headtohead doesnt work either didnt know if apple changed something

  2. I dont think apple changed anything. When you say it doesnt work do you mean it crashes? If so re-install the app. If it still doesnt work try finding another link for it, i mean downloaded it off a different page.

  3. ive done that ive downoaded 3 different krolls from all different sites i dont know if they were all cracked by the same person or not but as soon as i open it it shows one screen than crashes back to the springboard

  4. Do all your other apps work… Did you install appshare?

  5. yes everything else works i manually ssh the apps in then change the properties

  6. also the kroll you got posted i tryed it too and it crashed .have you tryed it maybe its just me but im not doing anything different

  7. When you say you ssh, you double click the .ipa file right?…

    If its still not working download bossprefs, click more, fix user dir permissions, and apple kil swich.

  8. i open the ipa with winrar than move the app folder over to app section than change the propeties to 755 ill try the apple kill ive alrady tryed the fix user in boss prefs

  9. the apple kill didnt fix any other ideas

  10. You dont put the .ipa in the /app folder via winrar. You double click it. Are you talking about the .app.

  11. yea the app.but i tryed it the other way replacing the mobileinstall,file and it worked using itunes so i guess ill do it like that now thanks

  12. Useing .IPA is the best way ^^

  13. to crow:

    ive had the same problem and i also SSH(using cyberduck) to get apps on my jailbroken iphone 3G. what did you do to get it to work???

  14. Kat are you useing .IPA files or .app files?

  15. Becuase they both have 100% different methods.

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