Papa Jump Plus is here

From sunflat


The $0.99 deluxe version of PapiJump offers multiple levels, a variety of background colors, and local high score ranking features. The different levels include:

  • NORMAL: Same as the free version of PapiJump
  • HARD: Hard from the beginning
  • FALL: The platforms fall when Mr.Papi jumps on them
  • TOUCH: Touch the screen to control Mr.Papi
  • RIGHT: Mr.Papi is going towards the right
  • MOVE: Platforms are moving
  • DOWN: Mr.Papi is getting down platforms
  • ENEMY: Mr.Papi is chased by enemies. Shoot them wirh a fireballThe original PapiJump is a strangely addictive game that we previously looked at. As a free download, it’s a game everyone should try. This deluxe version offers fans of the game more variety for only a small additional price.
  • Once again, a crack will be out soon!


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