Okay.  I overlooked the fact that Apple have done some futzing with Safari Mobile where clearly it wasn’t needed.  But this … this simply will not do.

For the last two days something odd was going on with the App Store.  Whenever I clicked on the filter for “All Free Apps,” all apps from September 16th onwards were mysteriously missing.  The apps were still there, but it was like the category filter for free apps wasn’t catching anything newer than that.  “Odd,” I thought, and kept on working.

Now, I’ve found out why.  Apple has quietly removed the option from the App Store entirely, along with the “All iPod Touch Apps” and “All iPhone Apps” filters.  Just take a look at the screenshot on your left.  Those filters simply aren’t there.

Via Touchpodium


Thanks to Steve, somone who commented posted this link.


It gives you all the free new apps that just came out.

This is extreamly useful!


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