Iphysics Submitted to appstore

Whole the Iphysics game is waiting for approval many of us wonder if apple will approve of this application. I personally have no dought apple’s wimzy ways will approve it.

Heres a little video of this shiny new game.

For those of you who are not familiar with the jailbreak scene, iPhysics has been available for the iPhone and iPod touch for almost a year now. To be more precise, it’ll be one year in November. Believe it or not, iPhysics was huge within the jailbreaking scene, months ago.

iPhysics is an infinite games engine for the iPhone. It allows other developers to create mini-games within the iPhysics application. Games that take physics into play, such as pinball, sandbox, ragdoll entertainment, and much, much more.

For those of you that have jailbroken iPhone’s or iPod touch’s, iPhysics for devices still running on 1.x firmwares are capable of playing the 50+ iPhysics level packs that have been created by people all over the world. I figure it’ll work the same for the App Store edition of iPhysics. Developers from all around the world will be able to create their very own ‘level packs’ for iPhysics, and distribute them over the internet. (Not sure how that’s going to work, though.)

Features of iPhysics include:

– Realistic physics that you control!

– Multi-touch games: Engine tracks up to 5 fingers on screen at once!

– Game timer precise to the one hundredths of a second place on each level!

– Race against others with our worldwide point and time upload system.

– Great music and sound effects!

The lite version will be free to everyone, with a full version coming out ’soon’. The full version will be accompanied by more fun games such as basketball, two player multi-touch hockey, moto-maze, more pinball tables, and more. Those who purchase the full version will also be able to download replays. The best feature of all within the full version of iPhysics is the ability to create your own games for the game engine.

Im glad to see r4m0n trying to submit it. BUT

Sorry r4m0n, even if you made a good game in the jailbroken days, everyone is going to crack it =[.

When this does come out I’m going to buy it.


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