Baby come back.

Even after the 2.1 software update, some users are continuing to report reception issues on their iPhone 3Gs. While the 2.1 software update technically did claim that it wouldn’t actually boost signal strength but make the signal more accurate. Nonetheless, I saw a noticeable difference in my reception, but some users say that the issue with dropped calls still persists.

“the point is that the 3G did go from zero to all the bars but still dropping the calls!

“I just bought my iphone yesterday and as soon as i got home the reception was terribal so i updated it to 2.1 and instead of getting no bars i get 1 to 3 bars but it goes off and on and turns 3g off and goes to edge.”

There is another method for checking your phone’s signal strength by looking at its dB meter. You can access the dB meter by going into field test mode, which is done by dialing Dial 3001#12345# then press “Call.” A dB reading below 50 is a good sign.

However, there is suspicion that the issue with dropped calls is actually due to AT&T’s network being overloaded in some areas where their towers can’t handle all of the demand at once. The fact that it’s still going on seems to be a sign that the true issue has yet to be resolved.

Sorry AT@T. Try again next time!


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