Jailbreak for 2.1

This jailbreak is for 1G iPod touches ONLY.

From: http://www.quickpwn.com/

Firstly, big thanks to poorlad, planetbeing, and TheDevTeam for providing the QuickPWN app. Credit also goes to Morphey, Zombiekiller, jfb392 for making this GUI jailbreak possible.

In my previous post I posted a jailbreak which required a lot of work. This jailbreak for iPod Touch 2.1 is completely GUI based. Just run QuickPWN.exe after uncompressing the zip file and follow the on-screen instructions. It couldn’t get any simpler than this! 🙂

Download the GUI jailbreak by using any of the download links below:

Download iPod Touch 2.1 Jailbreak GUI
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

This is great news. It also sets you up where you can use cracked ipa’s as well. You will still need to download at least one non-cracked ipa to be able to use them without an error popping up. All in all incredible news for the jailbreaking community.


Do you want to Jailbreak iPhone 2.1? Well, now you can! Unfortunately it’s not an easy process as it was with the iPod Touch which was completely GUI based. You will need to carefully follow the below instructions to jailbreak your iPhone 2.1. This tutorial also works for the iPhone 3G.

You must install iTunes 8 first, so if you don’t have iTunes 8 download or update to it right now

If you’re using an iPhone, you must download iPhone 2.1 firmware using the below link:

1. Open iTunes 8, and update to iPhone firmware 2.1.

2. After you’re upgraded to firmware 2.1, uninstall iTunes 8.0, and install iTunes 7.7.* from the download link here:


3. Download quickpwn GUI.exe

4. Run the QuickPWN-GUI.exe file and browse and select your iPhone 2.1 firmware.

5. Follow the on-screen steps, choose Installer and Cydia.

6. Once finished, your iPhone will reboot, but Installer and Cydia won’t be visible.

7. Download & Install DiskAid from here:

8. Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and launch the DiskAID program.

9. When the DiskAid screen launches, you’ll see a drop-down box on the bottom left that says “Media Folder”. Click on it, and select “Root Folder” instead.

10. You’ll get a Root Partition message, just click ok!

11. On the left side, scroll down and click the System folder. Now double-click the Library Folder. Scroll down and double-click the “PrivateFrameworks” folder.

12. On the right side, scroll down and click on the MobileInstallation.framework folder.

13. Select the MobileInstallation file, and click “Delete from Device”.

13. Download the new MobileInstallation patch from http://www.sendspace.com/file/pcrxy6

14. In DiskAid, click “Copy File to Device”, and select the MobileInstallation file you downloaded.

15. After you’ve copied the MobileInstallation file, reboot your iPhone and you should see a jailbreaked iPhone 2.1 now! Enjoy.

{via QuickPWN


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