Doesnt look good for old ziphone.

Since I received many requests for updates,
here you have a few:

At the moment I’m testing and tweaking what could be
the next ZiPhone version.

As it happened the first time, I’m not rushing and
as it already happened in february I’m not even sure I
will release it.

As of now, my own iPhone is on 1.1.4 (and happy to be).
My test iPhone is on 2.0.1.
My iPod is on 2.1 (unmodified).

I’m also working on a few other things:

I just found something that can crash any iphone/ipod
and exploitability is being investigated.
This vulnerability anyhow affects all models and firmwares.
I can’t tell you more about this.

Since this bug is VERY serious I have yet to decide what to do with it.
If Apple is interested I think they know my email address.
If they are not… well they will know sooner or later.

Anyhow, the ZiPhone “proof of concept” I’m using had no problems with
the new iTunes 8 release. And the bug I found works on 2.1 too.
Posted by Zibri at 12:03 AM

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