Ipod or iphone AppStore application’s for free!

Im just going to say, I will now post ANY cracked apps.

Remember google WORKS.

Torrents also.

I do not encourage people cracking apps.

Easy steps:

– Update your iPhone to firmware 2.0 with Pwnage 2.0, use our straightforward guide.
It’s important that your iPhone is Jailbroken, and that you have installed Cydia Installer.

– Fire up Cydia, and install OpenSSH. It will allow you to connect to your iPhone.
Next you will need an ftp client that handles SFTP protocol.
We recommend Transmit for Mac users or CoreFTP for Windows users.

Connect your iPhone to your wifi home network, and check the assigned IP address.
Fire up your FTP client, and connect to your iPhone IP address with the following user:

User : root
Password : alpine

– Get the IPA files (google is your friend)
Rename the extension IPA to ZIP and extract the content.
You’ll find the XXXX.app in the Payload folder.

– Browse to the /Applications directory and upload the XXXX.app

– You will need to set the correct permissions on the apps folder in /Applications
Apply permissions 775 with your ftp client to the folder you added under /Applications

– Create a folder called “Documents” in /Applications and /private/var/Mobile
This is a one time process, if the Documents folder already exist, leave it skip to next step

– You will need to set the correct permissions on the 2 “Documents” folder you created
Apply permissions 777 with your ftp client.

– Reboot your iPhone and the *free* apps should appear on your iPhone.

Alternative method:

This method will allow you install *free* cracked IPA files through iTunes.
It requires that you replace a framework with a patched one.

Connect to your iPhone with SSH, user root, password alpine
– Go to folder /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework
– Backup the MobileInstallation binary : cp -r MobileInstallation MobileInstallation.bak
Connect with SFTP and upload the patched MobileInstallation
– Set permissions : chmod 775 MobileInstallation
– Reboot the iPhone

Double-Click the IPA files to import them in iTunes.
Then simply Sync your applications with iPhone.

Important note :
Use this method only to evaluate apps before you buy them.
Developers spent lot of time working on their applications, respect their work.
Stealing apps may lower their quality for future releases.


{via http://www.macgeekblog.com }


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