Winpwn BETA

Winwpwn –

Winpwn is used for “pwning” your device on 2.0,2.1,2.2.



1) Open winpwn.

2) Go to the upper right hand side and click expert

3) Select your device. An iphone, Ipod touch, or iphone 3G.
I have an ipod Touch.

4) Select the firmware that YOUR device is in. Then click next

5) Do not install youtube fix if your on at@t.

6) Install cydia

7) install installer

8) Just say no to root size, unless you want to mess up your ipod.

9) Chose if you want to wipe data or not.

10) Click Yes to Custome logo’s if you dont like the apple boot logo.

11) Build the firmware to your desktop ( may take up to 20 minutes! )

12) turn your ipod in DFU mode
( for a how-to guild go to )

13) restore in itunes.


Bootloader files

Ipod Touch 2.2 –


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