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The second beta of firmware version 2.2 has been out for a few days.  It looks like Apple still doesn’t have a fix for devices already prone to the pwnage jailbreak and unlock.

Here’s our obligatory screenshot of a jailbroken and unlocked 1G/2G iPhone running 2.2beta2 (which also shows an interesting daemon they left lying around).

2.2 beta2

New 2.2 update

It has all become clear. Apples rejected the awesome app Podcaster under the premise that “… Podcaster assists in the distribution of podcasts, it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes,” forcing Podcaster distribution via Cydia instead of the AppStore. Turns out that might not be the full story.

Click the image to open in full size.

Evidentally Apple has included the buttons in the latest build of firmware 2.2 to “Get More Episodes” hinting that firmware 2.2 will be able to subscribe to Podcasts without having to connect to iTunes. It is easy to make the assumption that you would also be able to download new Podcasts directly from the iPhone. Both of those are features previously unavailble on the iPhone and first made possible with Podcaster. I wonder if Apple took a look at the Podcaster source code and did a copy here and a paste there for their new feature.

Via ModMyI

The Worst Ipod Ever?! I dont think so…

 ehh.. Ok you got me. It doesn’t say the Worst ipod ever. But the ads are just out of control. This picture was taken on youtube’s home page. Its half the computer screen.. Just so i don’t get anybody getting mad at me, i love my iPod Touch. It seriously is the funniest ipod ever. I just cant stand youtube ads this big. I would like to say a thanks to apple, for all there hard work into there iPhone and iPod Touch, iTunes, and so on. They done alot and deserve alot of credit.

Google earth is amazing

I read a few posts on various websites about google earth. They said its amazing, I can see my house from here! Well it really is that amazing. The thing i love about it is you can go anywhere is the world. i finally got to see a city in Taiwan where a few exchanged students lived. The best part is ….. Its free, and the top free application out there. Goggle really outdone there selves with the app.

2.2 beta adds even more

Evidence has been found in the latest version of the iPhone OS that Apple will be adding a system for rating apps upon their deletion from the home screen. Greek iPhone site iPhone Hellas reports that when an app is deleted, a popup window is opened, giving the option to rate the app using the same 5 star method used in the App Store, or the choice to opt out by tapping a “No Thanks” button.

The addition appears to be an attempt to get users who don’t normally rate apps they download to participate in the rating process and offer feedback on the app.


[MacNN via iPhone Hellas]

Winpwn update

CMW- Time for a update –

No word yet on when hes going to give it to the public.